Book Rentals

We have text book rentals available on many titles each semester. Visit the kiosk in one of our stores to see which titles are available to rent at that location. You rent it here and you return it here—another way to save!

Whether it be used books, e-books, book rentals, or book buy-back, you can count on us to keep more money in your pocket

In many cases the rental price is a bargain, but not all the time. Here are some questions to consider before renting a textbook:

  1. Is it really saving me money?
  2. If I buy it instead, what’s the buyback price?
  3. Will I be able to keep it in the same condition with minimal writing/highlighting so it is acceptable to return at end of the semester or will I end up paying full price then?
  4. Will I be able to return it to the store within the allotted time frame at end of the semester or will I be penalized?

Textbook rentals do save you money in many cases, but is not always the cheapest alternative. Ponder these points before making your final rental decision to ensure you are actually saving the most money possible.