SMCC “Books On Credit” Program


Financial Aid? You can still save money with us!

“You get financial aid money every semester, but at SMCC you don’t get your check for the excess over tuition until a month into the school year forcing you to buy books on a voucher from the school. Our credit program allows you to bypass long lines and high prices of new books. For only 10 dollars down on a credit or debit card, you can get your books at our discounted prices. When your financial aid check arrives, simply come in and pay off your balance. You’ll be amazed at the savings you’ll receive buying used books from us.”

There are lots of advantages to buying used over new. Not only is a used textbook cheaper, but it’s often easier to purchase and resell than a new textbook. And, buying pre-owned textbooks is environmentally friendly while it provides the opportunity to read marginal notes or highlighted segments from the previous owners.

Buying used can yield significant savings. For example, used science textbooks are often around 50% or 60% of the price of the newer versions of the same books, with some reduced as low as 30% of the price of the new book. These used books are the same edition as their newer counterparts, so students will not miss out on any updated information, and page numbers or chapter order will be the same.